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We value our patients’ experience at Apex Chiropractic & Wellness. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

-Dr. Brian Rae

On January 19, 2006 I became a patient of Dr. Brian J. Rae. Since 1986 I had suffered pain in my left shoulder and neck due to an injury. I had also suffered injuries to my back in a fall in the summer of 2005 which caused pain in my back and made walking very difficult.

By the time I had seen Dr. Brian through March, my shoulder and neck pain were gone, and I was walking without pain. At this date, May 24, 2006 I am walking my young fifty pound doberman and enjoying every painless step! Thank you Dr. Brian!

Betty Morrison

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Brian Rae. I have had great success with his treatments for my neck pain. He is very personable and easy to understand in his explanations of his care plans. I will continue to come to him for maintenance treatments and would recommend him to others.

Brian Barber

I have been in Dr. Brian Rae’s care for the last two years. In February 2006 we started an intense six-month acute care plan for people with chronic back pain. My pain in my neck region was due to answering phones and cradling it between my head and shoulder primarily on the left side. The pain in my lower back is due to age and lupus.

I am in the fourth month of my six-month therapy and am seeing positive results in my neck area and lower back. Dr. Rae is willing to work with his patients for as long as it takes for them to get better. He is innovative, persistent, kind and gentle. I have truly enjoyed my experience at Rae Chiropractic Center and am experiencing more pain free days and am enjoying life more as a result of consistent chiropractic care.

Lorna Wainscott

I was involved in an auto-accident and have been seeing Dr. Brian Rae since December of 2004. I have received extensive soft-tissue work and adjustments and it has made a world of difference. I had been afraid to work with my horses for fear of hurting. He has helped me through this, and now I am able to work with my horses pain and apprehension free!

What I trust most about Dr. Rae is that if there is a problem or question beyond his ability he will tell you that. I feel that you know you are going to receive the best care possible. He has listened to me complain, and has always been able to help me. It is amazing how great I feel after each treatment. I have recommended him to others and will continue to recommend him to any one who will listen.

Lori Thomason

I truly believe that having my adjustments have helped me to become pregnant, which is a miracle and was something I never thought was possible (due to my endo). For this experience, I want to say thank you.. Without further a due, I will close and wish you and your practice the very best. May our Father in Heaven bless you for all you are doing to help the lives of others.


Alysha Dammarell

Dear Dr. Rae

I want to thank you for your great healing help for me and my family. Most recently, my teenage son has requested seeing you to help with his hips. It is great to hear the next generation educated in the benefits of chiropractic. We all appreciate your great work.


Lisa Marie Howell

I have know Dr. Brian Rae for several years now. I have seen other chiropractors before but no one has even compared to the techniques that is used under his care. I know without question that he has helped me to recover through these adjustments and I will not go to anyone else other than him.

Thank you,

Kevin Heck

Ive been seeing Dr. Rae for a year and a half now. His adjustments are an integral part of my health care program and I wouldnt be the same person without his care. He is professional, personable, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of spinal adjustments and overall improved well being.

Thank you,

Sarah C. Heide

When I came to Dr. Brian I was having migraines and with in a couple vistis the migraines were gone. I also have brought my son in and have noticed that he is not getting every cold and flu that he is exposed to. He is also not having the ear infections that he used to have.

Thank you,

Kimberly Dial

I have been coming to Dr. Rae the last few months. I was in alot of pain and now most of that has resolved. Dr. Rae and his staff are very compassionate and caring. I would highly recommend him and appreciate all he has done for me.


Cristy Brewer

Through my boss’s recommendation I came to Dr. Rae in constant pain that had kept me miserable for months. Since our relocation from Oregon, I had not had regular chiropractic maintenance. Then a car accident worsened my problems. So I was ready for an aggressive program, which he started immediately. The response time surprised me, and in a relatively short time Ive been able to be more normal in activity. Also, Im sleeping better! I appreciate his thoroughness and genuine concern. Also a wise doctor does diagnostic tests to see what invisible structural problems are contributing to a patients pain. Its reassuring to know I have found help suited specifically for me.

Thank you,

Barbara Clark

I started coming in after we had a benefits care at work. Everyone that works here in friendly and thoughtful. I enjoy comingin, and plan to continue care here.

Caryn Hirschi

I was recommended to Dr. Rae by a friend after hurting my back snowboarding. He was able to fix me up and get me back on the slopes in no time. He has also straightened my back out a few time when I have tweeked it while working. Shooting pain are never fun in your back or arm, so thanks!


Justin Ranger

Ive been seeing Dr. Rae for 3 years. It all began with a stiff neck, the inability to turn my head to the left, and uneven hips. After 3 weeks of treatment my problems were gone. I stopped coming in for a month or so and my problems returned. After another couple of weeks of treatment I was again pain free and fully mobile. I then made a point of coming in for an adjustment every 2 weeks. Except for a few instances when I overdid my physical activities, Ive been pain free and happy.

Harry Zuckerman

I first came to see Dr. Brian Rae 5 yrs ago when I was experiencing lower back pain in my hip and down my leg. I had been going to physical therapy and my condition seemed to be getting worse. After about 4 weeks of treatment with Dr Rae the pain I had been experiencing completely went away. I come in for regular adjustments and massage ever since then.

Mike Young

I was inroduced to Dr. Rae by my friend and neighbor steve levis. Steve was a patient as well. I have had back trouble as a result of a vehicle accident in 1970. It has always been painful and at times debilitating. Various doctors have tried various things and with varied success. Dr. Rae has brought TRUE RELIEF and has done so without the painful manipulations I have experienced with others. I have also enjoyed making friends with Dr. Rae and with the delightful people with whom he surrounds himself. I think these peole say as much about Dr. Rae, if not more, than I ever could.

Thank you.

Ed Van Winkle