Stress and Neck Pain

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There are a lot of causes for neck pain. One common cause of neck pain is actually stress. There are actually a few different types of stress that can affect the neck. We will focus on three.

1. Physical Stress: This is the most common type of stress that we think of when thinking of neck pain. Physical stress includes things such as poor posture, car accident trauma, or falling asleep in a strange position. A lot of times physical stress can quickly be identified with neck pain because you can physically see where the problem lies, such as whiplash from a car accident.

Physical stress results a lot of time to how your muscles handle physical movements as well. There can be muscle tightening or loss of muscle tone. Both things can cause problems with the joints and discs in the neck.

2. Chemical Stress: Chemical Stress is caused by things that you eat or breathe. There are things in the air, medications you take, preservatives in food that can cause chemical stress in your body. Chemical stressors can irritate the nervous system of your body and result in neck pain.

3. Emotional Stress: Unlike the other two, emotional stress is less easily gauged. It isn’t a tangible object that you can measure for neck pain. However, there are still countless studies that show that emotional stress can cause directly affect the health of the body.

Emotional stress can be anything that is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Whether its being stressed out at work, being angry with a family member, or being nervous about finances, emotional stress can leak over to your physical wellbeing. Stress causes tension in the body, which can directly affect areas of the body that are already overworked or weakened. This is one of the main reasons why the back and neck tend to be affected most often.

Stress can create nerve interferences that can cause neck pain in the body. The best way to treat neck pain is to heal the neck naturally. It may seem like taking a pain reliever like acetaminophen is the easiest and most convenient option, but there are actually much more effective treatments out there that will actually treat the underlying neck issue, not just temporarily dull the pain in your neck.

Your chiropractor can help you correct the problem and help you with a non-invasive, medication-free approach. While you might not be able to be stress-free all the time, there are great exercises and treatments out there to help with stress. Talk to your chiropractor and see what treatment options he or she recommends for physical, chemical and emotional stress to help with your neck pain. You might be surprised that many of these things are quick and easy things that you can accomplish with out too much effort on your part, and it can make a world of difference with your neck pain.

Top Reasons To Use Alternative Medicine

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There are many reasons to use alternative medicine today. These advantages have brought alternative medicine more and more into the limelight because they offer a wider spectrum of options than mainstream medicine and prescriptions. Health care professionals themselves are even seeing the benefits of alternative medicine. Here are top reasons to use alternative medicine:

Reason #1 – It treats the root of the problem. Alternative medicine treats the actual cause of the symptom, not just the symptom itself. Alternative medicine works to understand and treat the disease, or pain that you are feeling. Chiropractors and other alternative medicine professionals work hard to get your health figured out and fixed, not simply get rid of pain or annoyances.

Reason #2 – It improves your quality of life. When you go to a mainstream physician you are diagnosed with an issue and given something to deal with it. Once that drug is out of our system, the pain returns. Alternative medicine doesn’t work this way. It works to get you to the point where you don’t have to feel the pain anymore because the cause is targeted.

Reason #3 – Alternative medicine is safe. Alternative medicine relies on natural medicine and techniques, and does not rely on unnatural, man-made substances. Natural medicines are safer on the body, and not as risky as other types of treatments.

Reason #4 – It does not have harmful side effects. Mainstream medicine cannot claim the same. When we see a commercial for a prescription drug to help with depression, it is always followed by a long list of possible side effects that seem to be much worse than what its even prescribed for, such as liver damage, stroke or even death.

Reason #5 – It allows flexibility. Alternative medicine is flexible with its treatment plans. Instead of simply going to a doctor’s office and getting a prescription to help ease symptoms, alternative medicine has treatment plans that are designed according to your lifestyle. Some chiropractors are even able to come to your home for in-home treatment.

Reason #6 – It focuses on your overall health. Instead of simply focusing on your physical symptoms, alternative medicine also focuses on balancing other aspects of your overall health. They look at the big picture to see what areas can be improved for your health. These things include things such as stress level, nutrition, amount of sleep, etc.

Reason #7 – It is not addicting. When using natural medicine you don’t have to deal with the same dependency issues that you have to with prescription pills. Prescription pills have been known to cause long-term dependency issues and other harmful side effects.

What Advantages Do I get When I use Alternative Medicine

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In today’s day and age we are recognizing more and more about the affects that our bodies are having with what we put inside of them. There are many advantages to using alternative medicine over the typical mainstream prescriptions and medicines. Health care professionals themselves are even becoming more and more open to alternative medicine and the benefits it can have for the body.

Advantage #1: It treats the Actual Cause. One of the best advantages that alternative medicine offers is that it heals the body and is designed to actually treat the cause of the pain or disease that has occurred. By understanding and treating the disease, Chiropractors and other alternative medicine professionals are able to work at the root of the problem. Mainstream medicine, on the other hand, tends to treat the symptom that the disease or pain is causing, not actually treating the cause.

Advantage #2: It is an improvement of the Quality of Life. When we use prescription drugs we generally see an improvement in pain, but once the drug goes out of our system the pain returns. When using alternative medicine, there is a drastic improvement in the quality of life a person has.

Advantage #3: It is safer. Alternative medicine is a wide spectrum of therapies, and they are almost always considered to be much safer than mainstream medicine. Natural remedies are used to correct the problem. There are no man-made, unnatural substances that you would be using to put in your body.

Advantage #4: It does not have bad side effects. When using mainstream medicine you might be able to get rid of your headache, but the side effects might include nausea, hallucinations and risk of stroke in the process. Almost all mainstream medicine has some type of warning about the bad side effects that come from taking it, where natural remedies don’t.

Advantage #5: It is more flexible. Alternative medicine allows more flexibility in treatment plans. Many chiropractors and alternative medicine professionals’ change their treatment plans according to lifestyle changes, where mainstream medical professionals wouldn’t.

Advantage #6: It looks at overall health of your body. Alternative medicine focuses on healing pain and disease by balancing out other aspects of your life. Sleep, nutrition and stress can affect your body, so adapting health plans with these in mind is important with alternative medicine. Mainstream medicine is not nearly as well rounded.

Advantage #7: It doesn’t offer dependency treatment options. Prescription pills can cause dependency and other harmful side effects to the body and mind. Alternative medicine does not have those same disadvantages.

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